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Presentation of the transverse action IMPACTCC

par Yves Tramblay - publié le , mis à jour le

Most MISTRALS programs deal with the impacts of climate change, while the Mediterranean region is considered a "hot spot" for this global change. All impact studies, whatever the scientific domain, have in common the use of climatic simulations from global or regional climate modeling, as well as methods of downscaling and/or bias correction. This step is required to force diverse types of models (i.e. oceanic, hydrological, ecological, etc.) to assess the impacts of climate change.

There is a great diversity of climate models and techniques to obtain input variables needed for impact studies. The diversity of these techniques can be at the origin of important uncertainties or errors in the modeling chains, if they are poorly mastered by the users or badly adapted to the problem. In addition, taking into account complex interactions and feedbacks between different compartments of the Mediterranean system (water, soil, atmosphere, ecosystems ...) requires multidisciplinary approaches.

The objectives of this transverse action "IMPACTCC" are :

1- Improve exchanges between researchers from different disciplines via missions or internships with the aim of initiating new collaborations and new projects. Topical workshops or trainings sessions will be organized to improve the transfer of expertise, to better exploit climatic data (in particular MedCORDEX) in impact studies.

2- Produce a synthesis of the work carried out in MISTRALS on the impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean, through a concerted contribution to regional initiatives such as MedECC or the IPCC reports. This synthesis will be particularly focused on certain areas with strong socio-economic issues : terrestrial biodiversity and agricultural resources, fishery resources, hydro-climatic risks, energy production ... (non-exhaustive list).