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The MISTRALS transverse action "Impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean" aims to improve exchanges between researchers from different disciplines, to organize workshops or trainings sessions for the transfer of expertise and produce a synthesis of the work done in MISTRALS on the topic of climate change impacts in the Mediterranean.

A funding is proposed as part of this action over the period 2018-2020 for :

1- Scientific exchange missions and internships
2- Missions for the MISTRALS contributors of the MedECC report under development
3- Work meetings or training workshops

For these requests, it is necessary to write 1 page describing :

1- The scientific context and objectives
2- In the case of an exchange mission or internship, the work plan
3- The links with the various Mistrals programs and the transverse action IMPACTCC
4- Expected results or contributions
5- The dates of the stay and the requested funding (max 3000 €)

Applications will be arbitrated by the steering committee for this transverse action. They should be sent to :