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The project :

The SIMED project exists since 2009 in various forms, with the aim to coordinate and structure the scientific community (French and international collaborations) for high resolution modelling of the Mediterranean sea. Thus, the objective is to pool common skills around various modeling components in the basin, and to provide expertise for operational applications.

Scientific questions :

The SIMED project is defined by its own task list (see the breakdown into workpackages below), which aims both to answer the scientific questions already asked in different MISTRALS programs via different modeling approaches, but also to define specific scientific questions about key physical processes.

The scientific topics dealt in SIMED remain primarily oceanic, integrating communities providing expertise on forcings and interactions with the ocean. Thus, the components integrated in SIMED are : ocean physics, atmospheric forcing, marine biogeochemistry, aerosol physical forcing and interactions with marine biogeochemistry, hydrological forcings. The temporal scales considered goes from the short period (process study, comparison with periods of observation SOP type - Special Observation Period - of HyMeX) to a so-called Hindcast period (study of the circulation of the inter-scale -annual to decadal by including past trends). On the other hand, the project does not include the study of 21st century climate scenarios or paleo-oceanography at this stage. Similarly, the realization and the study of coupled simulations is not an objective in itself for SIMED, with the objectives to first test, in a forced mode, the different components of one or more coupled systems (ocean and biogeochemistry marine in priority but also atmosphere and aerosols).

Workpackages :

WP1 : Improvement of physical modeling in the Mediterranean

WP2 : Development of new digital mockups

WP3 : Physical Interfaces

WP4 : Chemical interface

WP5 : Marine Biogeochemistry

WP6 : Ocean reanalysis

WP7 : Diagnostics and evaluation (common toolbox)

WP8 : Valorization